Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fun Run, Outside, in the Cold!

Today I went running with Hollyn. We ran all of 4 miles, but it felt great. Well, after it was over, that is.

I really didn't know how fast I'd be nor how far I'd be able to run, so we set out to do 4 miles. At mile 2 I had to stop and walk. My stomach just wasn't happy, and I don't know why. After about a quarter mile we continued and ran fine, and I felt after we finished that I could have gone farther (my stomach wasn't hurting then). I think we ended up with an 8-something average, tho, which isn't very fast. From the Garmin (I deleted the lap where we walked):
  • 31:17 total, 3.7 miles, 8:27 pace (5:33 best), 153 HR (191 max), 443 cal
  • 15:27, 1.86 mi, 8:18 pace (6:47 best), 168 HR
  • 7:28, 0.85 mi, 8:49 pace (6:01 best), 136 HR (this was after the walk to the next mile marker)
  • 8:21, 1 mi, 8:21 pace (5:33 best), 143 HR
Hmm, I wonder when my HR is the highest! I really did feel better after the first couple miles, also. When I finished I was OK, but my stomach was not happy during the first 2 miles.

Later in the afternoon, I met Farkases as Third Coast Clay to paint some Christmas ornaments. Well, the kids painted ornaments, and I found this practical dish that is not an ornament but is something I can use.

Christmas Tree pre-fired (not an ornament)

No evening workout, only breathing 100 deep breaths. Since I'd missed church, I wanted something else to do and stopped at Publix to pick up Seven Pounds with Will Smith.

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