Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas presents
  • Amazon gift card and (not pictured) socks: Mom and Dad
  • Push pins, gloves, (not pictured) spatula, and chocolates: R & J
  • Clif bars and (not pictured) tank tops: M & M
  • inside Triathlon: Bill and Nancy
  • (not pictured) Money: G & GJ, GR and GB
  • Sanctify t-shirt: Will
  • Something that I hope to find out what it is: Lana
  • Tin of (not pictured) goodies, (not pictured) Twix, note pads, ornaments, and a necklace: Farkases
  • Cycling gloves, swim suit, and (not pictured) wool socks (REI gift card): JO
We had a little fun at Farkas'. Woke up late and opened presents (after playing the Wii), ate breakfast, played some more, ate lunch, and watched White Christmas. It was a fun, relaxing day.

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