Friday, December 4, 2009

AM Workout:
  • Standing row: altitude drops, 3×15 each arm (with upper arm parallel to ground, hold and drop dumbbell, catch it, then bring it back up, making sure that you keep your elbow up)
  • Plenty row: 5×30 seconds each arm (this was supposed to have been scap pull up)
  • Front delt raise: altitude drops, 3×15 each arm
  • Push up: 5×30 seconds
  • Glute ham: altitude drops, 3×15
  • Legs (that's what Will called it!): altitude drops, 3×15 (standing on the bench and jumping off into basically a squat position)
That might be all I did; I can't really remember.

PM Workout
  • Lunge: rebounds, as many as possible, holding a 10-lb plate on chest. R, L, 10-deep-breaths rest, L, R, rest, R, L, rest, L, R, rest. I did about 118 and 68 on the first two, 70 and 60, then at least 40 for the remaining ones. So around 200 per leg.
  • Speed lunges: like RLs only switching front/back legs fast without skimming legs on ground. 10 half lunges, 15 sec iso, repeat with other leg in front, 4 total times (2 per leg)
  • Glute ham: from the top, as long as possible, 4 times (10-deep-breaths rest)
  • Supported squat jumps: kind of like calf jumps only making sure you really lift your knees (and dorsa-flex your ankles). 4 times, as many as possible. I didn't count any of these.
  • 1-arm dead lifts: 10 times, 15-sec wall squat, rest, repeat for 4 total reps R, repeat all for 4 total reps L. We used a 45-lb bar; I had a lot of trouble remembering to keep my hips back/shins straight.
  • Push up: 5-min iso between bars. Arms extended wide, level with shoulders and parallel to the ground.
We went to the CSY so we could use equipment, and thankfully they let Will in without making him sign the little book. It was nice to be able to use some different equipment than what we have at our little Landings cabana.

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