Sunday, October 25, 2009

Team Ride, Sprints (100s, 400s)

Team Belladium has been open enough to let me ride training rides with them. Today was absolutely amazing. The weather was perfect, the crowd was big, and the ride was great.

Before that, though, I ran 30+ minutes (33:11 [Moores to GGP and back], 3.89 mi, 8:31 pace [6:56 best], 465 cal, 171 HR [187 max]).

Then Will and I went to the track at Centennial High to run sprints. Well, Will was running sprints and I was there to time him. He is fast! He did 40s (5.07 and 5.09), 100s (11.81 and 11.72), and a 400 (1:05.xx). He did the first 40 and the first 100 without my timing him because I totally messed up the stop watch. I felt terrible! I found some results on the CU Yellow Jackets' website from a track meet they competed in (May 5, 2008) to get an idea of speeds of athletes at the college level. He could definitely compete at that level!

  • 100-meter dash: 11.09 - 13.14
  • 400-meters: 48.46 - 55.20
My results were OK. I did 100s (14.25 and 14.25) and a 400 (1:21.xx). My 400 times earlier this year when I was actually doing speed work were 1:30xx (2-25-09) and 1:38, 1:30, and 1:35 (3-10-09). Actually, today's results are better than I'd thought! Of course, I was racing Will's times, so that made me go faster. A little slow to compete in either event at the college level, though.

  • 100-meter dash: 12.37 - 13.34
  • 400 meters: 59.05 - 1:06.90
We left for our ride around 1 and did the following: 1:43:08 (actually, we finished around 1:30 but rode around a bit until the others arrived), 30 miles, 17.4 average (30.3 mas), 1,791 calories, 159 HR (191 max).

Me, Kelli, Lisa C, and Shelly's husband behind Lisa S and Parri--Lisa is brave to take pictures this way!

When we all returned to Lisa's house, we ate leftover chili and great desserts and had a team discussion. They are making me feel like part of the team and I love it! Great, strong women to ride with!

Todd, Shelly, Parri, me, Valerie, Lisa C, Jonell, Cali, and Kelli (with Lisa S behind the camera)

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