Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The start of the sunrise...the sky was cloudless but it was still amazing

My favorite lunchtime spot: The pond across the street (especially when the ducks, geese, other birds, and turtles are out in full force)

Cool Springs was a mess today. I never made it out to the highway, but I'm sure that was a mess as well. There was an accident on the highway that I noticed when I was driving home (at 4:25 pm), and I'm sure that affected much of the evening traffic. It felt like 10 am on a Saturday morning during Christmas season!

Looking West on Moores Lane

Looking East on Moores Lane

Instead of swimming, to which I was headed when I turned around, I went on a good run. mapmyrun said it was about 3.65 miles, but it felt like more because I thought I was moving quickly. Unfortunately, my Garmin wouldn't turn on and doesn't look like it's charging; I might have to take care of that this weekend, because it's currently one of the best tools on the market—it has pretty much every statistic a triathlete could dream of. Although I've heard that Trakkers will rival it with better features—your family will be able to track you during races! Hopefully I'll be able to try out their technology next season.

I had a little mishap while running...yes, it has been raining!

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