Tuesday, October 27, 2009

5 Minutes Again?

Will surprised me this morning by requiring another set of 5 minutes of work:
  • Lunge R, L
  • Standing extreme ham
  • Push up on knees
  • Preacher curl with 10-lb dumbbells
  • Russian twist: 5×3 each side
The lunge was interesting. Nancy, Bill, and Zach were all down there with us, so he just told me to go and I started. I expected it to be maybe 10 seconds or 30 seconds (I saw him start the timer), so I thought I'd just work really hard for that amount of time and then get a rest. But the time kept ticking on until 5 minutes were up. Then I got 5 minutes of rest and did my left leg. This time I knew it was for 5 minutes and I paced myself. That made it way harder, and although I lasted without touching my back knee to the ground for at least 2:30 on the right leg, I lasted only about 1:30 on the left leg. Push up was about 4:35. I would like to think I could have gone the remaining 25 seconds had I known, but probably not. I could have known had I looked up at the timer (pretty sure I was just thinking about swimming a 500 and thus had my eyes closed), but I pretty much went as long as possible. Preacher curl was all 5 but I could not move my arms after!

What's up after work is a volleyball double-header (provided it's not raining or too wet to play) and 1:15 on the trainer. Psych, here I come!

Today's totally random project: Contact PowerBar to compliment them on their Gel Blasts, lemon flavored, and try to score some coupons or free products. Result: Success!

The Contact Us form wasn't working, so I called and talked to representative Ryan who informed me that the product is no longer being produced. That would explain why I couldn't find it on their website. I have since checked all the suggested sites he gave me and it's not available anywhere, so that's a bummer. But, he offered to send me coupons so that I can try some of their other products. Hooray! Maybe the strawberry-banana flavor will be good, I can find some good deals, and I can share them with the team.

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