Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Legs Only

Today's leg workout was difficult, and even though I'm currently sitting at my desk and will be here for the next 2 hours before I can ride, I think it will be a good ride. During the lunges, I was really trying to think about running and riding—pulling up and pushing down with my legs, lifting and lowering by using my big muscles (quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, glutes), and being still.
  • Lunge: 30 seconds, alternate legs, 3 times each leg
  • Glute ham raise: 3 altitude drops, 3 regular reps (arm's length)
  • Repeat the previous 5 times
Because I took 1-minute rest intervals between each set, it took nearly 20 minutes and I couldn't finish (Russian twist, 10×3 each side), so I did that after my bike ride.

It was a good ride indeed! After a quick chat with Will, I headed out with no route in mind. I quickly decided to ride hills; after all, 3 of the best hills in Williamson County are right out my front door!
  • Total time: 1:01:44 (Lap 1 out: 30:11; Lap 2 back: 31:32)
  • 1,116 calories, 14.54 miles, 14.1 average (46 max), 165 HR (189 max)
  • Route: Moores Lane to GG Patton to Mallory Station to Franklin Road to South Berry's Chapel (Hill #1) to Lynwood Way (Hill #2) to North Berry's Chapel (Hill #3) to Holly Tree Gap (turnaround).
I uploaded this to the route to mapmyride:

There are some bright colors from the ascents and descents!

You know it's a tough course when you can go from 46 mph to 4 mph in 0.5 miles.

It was also a good ride because I found $20.01. I picked up the 20 (it was a 20 and I was climbing slowly at the time) and left the penny (it was only a penny and I was riding quickly at the time). Fantastic!

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