Thursday, October 22, 2009

Training with Will

  • Lunge: 10 times 15 seconds each leg
  • Wall squat: 10 times 4 altitude drops with 3-second pause at bottom
  • Glute ham: 10 times 4 quick style from arm's length (I had a really hard time keeping my glutes engaged the entire time; Will said 1 and 2 were rough and 3 and 4 were good on the first few sets, but then as I began to focus they were all much better)
  • Push up: 5 minutes iso extreme (this was supposed to have been a wide push up, like with your arms spread while you stood between two squat machines or something, but since we were in our little workout room, we did push up on knees)
  • Push up: 10 time 4 altitude drops with a short pause at bottom (this was supposed to have been altitude drop bench press but that wasn't an option)
  • Bicep curls: 10 times 4 quick style (we used 10-lb dumbbells; he said it was supposed to have been with a heavy-ish bar, I think)
Have I mentioned lately that it's great having Will around to train with? There's something I like about being told what to do and not having to think about the workout itself but rather being able to focus on just doing it, and something more I enjoy about having a good friend nearby.

My lunchtime run was less than stellar. I had to get out because it's supposed to rain later, and it was absolutely beautiful—sunny with very few people on the trail. Unfortunately I was running slow (8:30s or so) and my stomach was not feeling well at all. But I managed 35 minutes, which is what I needed.

The focus of the run was glutes. Since I failed a lot during glute ham this morning, I thought I'd really work on it during the run. These are supposed to be technique runs, after all, and they are short, so that affords me time to focus. My hip flexors have never been so tight on or after a run before!

Inversion's activity for the night, instead of the usual Bible study Thursday, was to meet at the church and head out to Spring Hill and the RippaVilla Plantation. The plan was to go through their corn maze which, according to the website, is the most challenging at night. It was night and it was dark, but it was not a maze and it was not challenging. Before we paid our $6 entry fee, Jonathan set the challenge: The team in and out in the fastest time wins, and three teams will get rewards. My team was Jesi, Amanda, Brandon, Mike, Christian, me, and 4 other people (teams of 10). We were tipped off to the fact that it really wasn't a maze when they handed us all maps upon entry. The map showed a cut-through from the entrance to one exit, so we entered, cut across, exited, and stopped the clock: 16 seconds. We then went and told Jonathan that it wasn't a maze.

All was not lost, though. We reentered, went all the way to the end, and then found our way back out, stopping along the way to look at signs they had set up. It was a tour of the solar system. I broke off from my group when they started hiding to scare people and joined up with another group (Clint, Jonathan, Amy, Haddon, Hayes, Laura, Laura, and others) that was actually interested in seeing all the planets and constellations. Haddon (4) and Hayes (1.5) were loving it; kids always make things so exciting because everything is new for them. The rain put a slight damper on the fun, though, and we headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings. That made for a late night/early morning, but it was fun and thus worth it. Plus I think I was able to encourage the few people I talked to: Brent, Carolyn, and Amanda. If they see the love of Christ in me, I am serving Him well as His ambassador.

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