Friday, October 2, 2009

Bella Luce

This was the Farkas/Acheson entertainment for the night:

This beautiful house is in Franklin/Grassland/Legends Ridge; 4 bedrooms, lots of bathrooms, lots of doors to the outside, a huge pool, 30 acres, 5 garages, a huge kitchen, a look-out area, and more!

My favorite...the amazing kitchen! Two sinks, two dishwashers, side-by-side, each full-sized, refrigerator/freezer, three dishwashers, 6 burners and a warming plate—wow!

My second favorite...the pool and hot tub!

Some pretty sweet bathroom stuff...all Kohler, of course!

Photos are from the Tennessean and the builder. Earlier, I got a little ride in to the BFY where I played tennis and talked with Angela and ARenee. Then I rode home (50+ minutes total, all junk miles and all fun), said bye to Will (sniff), had some supper, and went over to Farkases' for the tour.

I found out a little about our family today. GRita was an only child whose father made it hard on her and her mother. ARenee asked GR if he was an alcoholic; she said no, but he drank too much beer. They both died of cancer. Her father died before they married and her mother died while Mom was still a baby. GR was born and raised in Madison and apart from a few years in Germany, has been there all her life. GBob was about 7 or 8 when his dad died. The man who killed Albert was tried, but Albert’s partner hadn’t been where he was supposed to be (they think he left/ran away) and wasn’t able to testify at the trial. The defense could then say that the shooter had acted in self defense because Albert could have been/was reaching for his gun. Character witnesses said that wasn’t his character at all, but the man was either freed or let off with a light (few years) sentence. He later killed another man and was even later shot and killed by police.

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