Saturday, October 10, 2009

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Brentwood was anticipating 10,000 to 12,000 participants in this morning's race at Maryland Farms, and I just couldn't pass up running with that crowd. But neither could I pay the ridiculous $43 race entry fee. So I did the next best thing and ran with no chip. Although this wasn't my fastest time, I posted some of my better results for a 5K with this sized field. So I'm slightly disappointed in myself that I hadn't registered (but I'm sure I would not have received my entry fee back in any way through prizes, so I guess it's pretty much even).

I can't be in Kona cheering on the ironmen, but I could dream!

Since the Garmin is back working, I have stats!
  • 22:47, 3.16 miles, 377 calories, 185 average HR, 199 max HR
  • 7:10 first mile
  • 7:14 second mile
  • 8:23 third mile + 0.16
  • Average pace: 7:14
I rode my bike there to warm up, but we ended up starting late and the standing in the start chute for 15 minutes did not do me well—I could not feel my feet for most of the run even though it was about 55* and I was wearing capris, fake under armor sleeves, another shirt, and gloves. Maybe a hat would have done the trick?

Had I been registered, I would have ended up with the following placements: 2 of 55 in age group,  7 of 326 females, and 47 of 527 over all. I knew the entire time that I was up near the front, but I had no idea that I was within the top 10 women! It feels good to finish that high in the standings!

I geared up the Giant bike for the trip down to Brentwood—I don't think it's been out since trainer Will's epic ride last year!

People still finishing; I don't think the projected 10,000 people showed up, but there were a good number of runners and walkers

Cheering at the finishing line

Swag from PowerBar—the girl volunteered to fill my entire bag with the chews they had

Lunch at Chick-Fil-A—It must be the place to go for lunch in Brentwood, evidenced by their very own traffic director in the parking lot (complete with a Chick-Fil-A reflective vest!)

Today is Hawaii Ironman day, and my complete intention was to have ridden to the race, raced, swam, and then ridden home. But who knew MFY would be closed? That meant to swim and one happy, cold duathlete (backwards, though). 30-min ride there, 22+-min run, 30-min ride home. Tomorrow's mission: Ride, run, and isos.

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Anonymous said...

Feel good that your 43 dollars went to find a cure for breast cancer, a horrible disease I hope you never have to fight personally.