Monday, October 19, 2009

Swim Class + 1930s Cookies

I finally did it. I went to a swimming class. When I was swimming at BFY on Friday, Karen, one of the lifeguards (who was then swimming, not guarding), mentioned that they hold an adult swim class between 8 and 9 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Since I had yet to make it to the Masters Swim group at MFY, and I know I need to swim with a group, this seemed like the place to go. The time is certainly not ideal (I'm usually at work by 6am so I can leave by 4), but the group was nice and the swim was fun.

Jenny was leading, and the other swimmers today were Susan, Nicole, Annette, Heather (who I promptly kicked out of my lane by nailing her in the face after 325 yards—we were the only two swimmers in the lane, I was swimming side-by-side, and she was circle-swimming. Then we ran into each other. She got out and never returned, wandering around the Y with an ice pack on her eye. So sorry!), and Doug.

The workout looked like this:
  • 300 warm up
  • 4×75 kick 25-drill 25-swim 25; the swim leg was a build (300)
  • 400 kick
  • 300 pull
  • 300 swim (breathe every 3 strokes for 25, breathe every 5 strokes for 25, repeat)
  • 2×(3×50) at 15 seconds with 1 minute between sets; medium speed-slightly faster-sprint; first set: breast stroke; second set: free style (300)
  • 4x25 butterfly kick (100)
  • 2,000 yards total
She said something about next time learning butterfly. If we do too many not-free-style strokes, I might end up having to still complete my own workout, but having someone direct 2 or 3 days (I might not go on Fridays if I want to leave work by 11am) will be great. She told me today to really focus on extending my left arm; evidently, my right arm strokes well but the left lags behind slightly and enters the water too soon.

Baking Gramps' 1930s cookies
They were good...

Proof that I can be creative when I think about it

The recipe said to bake at 375 for 10 minutes and then at 325 for 10–15 minutes. I baked these for 5 minutes at 375 and that was too long!

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