Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sunrise Progression

No one was here to watch the sunrise with me this morning, but I thought I'd share a little of what I saw. As usual, pictures just can't do it justice, but they captured a little of the beauty!

Unfortunately, it's currently cloudy, but it's better than dreary and rainy!

Lisa and I took a little run on some trails behind Ravenwood. The mileage is an estimate, as is the route, but I do know we left from her house! She has ridden her mountain bike through there a few times, but there are tons of trails to explore. Some afternoon when she's up for a longer run we will definitely be exploring! Unfortunately I have no stats because my Garmin still isn't working. But I am trying to fix it or get it fixed!

During lunch, I ran to the Donelson Y to do my workout from Will. I had planned to do at least glute ham and preacher curl, since those are the two that definitely require equipment. To my dismay, the glute ham stand has been removed! This Y was the only one in the area that had that particular piece of equipment. I talked to a few of the ladies who were working; after I explained what it was and why I wanted it, they informed me that they likely will not fix nor replace it, even when they (soon) get all new equipment. Bummer! So, preacher curl it was; I started with a 20-lb bar for 5 on, 5 off thru 45 and then used 8-lb dumbbells for 40 on, 5 off thru 5. I could have continued with the 20 if Will had been there to help me lift it, but I improvised again. Some day.

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