Thursday, October 30, 2008

Training Log; 10x30 sec

I'm writing this a day late, so I can't remember everything!
  • Lunge right--this one was OK. I know I made it through at least 3 without having to take a little weight off by lowering my back knee.
  • Lunge left--this one was hard! I think I made it through at least 2 before having to lower my back knee. Unfortunately, I was leaning something crazy to the right. I felt like Will was pushing me right and so I had to over-correct by leaning left (I really thought I was leaning to the left), but when he took his hands off my shoulders, I fell to the right. So that tells me that I push with one leg harder than the other (although I'm not sure which one that would be--I'll have to think about that next time). Also, when I got tired, he kept telling me to keep my torso erect (don't lean forward).
  • Glute ham raise--instead of the manual hold, it's just 1 second off between 30-sec reps. I really was trying to pull with my glutes and not my lower back, and it evidently looked like I was working correctly.
  • Altitude drop push up--I had to pull down hard (that's the alt drop) and then stay there for 30 seconds. At the end of the 30, I'd push up as high as I could correctly but then sit up completely between reps. Reps 6 and 7 were really good--I was focused on doing it correctly. The other reps, at least 3 of the first 5, I would pause and then shrug my shoulders to help myself push up. Wrong! Push up right away, don't shrug, and push up as high as I can.
  • Altitude drop curl--yikes. This one was rough. Holding the bar up in the start of the curl position, I should pull my hands away fast and then bring them back fast to catch the bar (when Will did it, the bar barely fell at all before he got his hands back to it; when I did it, it had already fallen nearly to my hips before I caught it). So obviously I was not moving my hands fast enough. Then there was the manual hold at the bottom.
  • Crunch--this one was like the glute ham raises, where I just took a second off between reps. It made me focus on squeezing hard and shortening my abdomen even more.
Then I went and ran. I knew I had to do 6 miles, so I did the MFY loop clockwise. However, I couldn't remember what the speeds were supposed to be, so I just went out and ran. 7:35, 7:11, 7:31, 7:30, and 8:01 were my mile times for the first 5. Yeah, that was a 22:20 5K and a 37:48 8K. I stopped for 2 full minutes to try to recover (HR at the end of 5 miles: 210; after those 2 min: 120) and then run/walked the final mile. I still finished the 10K in 49-something. Then I came home, read my paper, and realized I was supposed to run 2 miles easy, 2 miles at 7:35, and 2 miles easy. I did 1/3 of that, I guess. The 5 miles felt really good, but I was pretty much at my max (hence the slightly slower mile time). I really had to push myself to finish--I know I wasn't breathing correctly or running with good posture more most of the last half mile at least (of course it was all uphill).

So while I was running, I was thinking about what we'd done that morning. Interestingly enough, I lean when I run, too, but definitely to the left. So that makes me think I push harder with my left leg than my right. When I realized that, I really tried to focus on standing straight up. I also tried to focus on keeping my torso erect (not leaning forward).

Although not sore, my calves were the only thing I felt like I hadn't worked at all since the last time I'd run (Tuesday on the track, but then again, I hadn't done anything since Tuesday). I thought it was the hills, but I'm not sure. Will said I should be using my calves for most of the leg exercises, so maybe it just was the hills or just that they were tight. I could definitely feels my quads by the end of the 5 miles--I could feel that I had worked them hard in the morning!

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