Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Training Log; 5.5 miles; 2-mi HR

2-mile run to test HR

Time: 13:54.65
Mile 1: 7:11.40 (this was also my warmup; perhaps I should warm up before I start timing next time)
Mile 2: 6:43.25
Route: MFY loop clockwise (Maryland Way to Franklin Road)
Max HR: 200
HR at 2 min: 124 (I was not trying to cool down too much; I was still walking fast/trying to lift my legs correctly and drive them into the ground)
Active Resting HR: 57
Recovery Rate (resting HR/HR at 2 min): 46%
Summary: That's bad. The higher the recovery rate, the better.

There's a 1-mile stretch from Bliss and McGavock (which is off Murray Lane) to the last driveway on the left on McGavock (just before Granny White).

Total run: 5.5 miles

I hadn't thought I was using my hamstrings for the glute ham raises yesterday, but I definitely did; I'm feeling them today!

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