Saturday, October 18, 2008

Training Log; 5-min ISOs

Breakfast (5:30): 2 scrambled eggs
Run (7am, 50*): 12 miles, 1:37:44
Average mile time: 7:58 (7 of the 12 miles were within 10 seconds either way of this time, and all 12 were within 20 seconds either way)
Fastest mile time (4): 7:42 (this was down Franklin Road towards town, mostly downhill)
Slowest mile time (11): 8:17 (this was a run/walk mile down GGPatton Rd)
Water break: mile 8.5 at a bubbler (appx. 4-6 oz)
Average HR: appx. 155 (that's really good)
Max HR: appx 180 (the first few miles were definitely higher HR than the last few; every time I slowed down at all my HR dropped, and every time my HR dropped I slowed down some)
Recovery (8:50, after stretching): protein shake (banana, milk, scoop of protein, homemade almond butter, flax seed, ice cubes), 13 oz total
Weather: 50* and slightly sunny

I'm not sure what to think about this run. I was supposed to run 10-15 miles at an 8:48/mile pace. I did the 10-15, but I wasn't really on the pace at all. However, I was faster than prescribed. I don't know, though, if I could have kept that up for another 14 miles (at a 7:58 pace, I would finish a marathon in 3:27, well under my 3:40 goal to qualify for Boston. Also, does this mean I should be running 5Ks and 10Ks at a faster pace? This will be an interesting off season.

ISOs (the 5-minute workouts are my favorite. Hah):
  • Pull up--1:30, again, same as last time; the next 3:30 was crazy hard, even with my foot on a stool in front of me. My arms nearly refused to hold me up.
  • Dip--:45-:60 (not too sure); this one was WAY better than last time, although my arms still refused to hold me up the whole time, and I had to put a foot down. A couple times, I actually had to let go because I absolutely could not stay up.
  • Curl--8-lb weights, 2:56, which was :56 longer than last time. Even after I dropped the weights, I kept working.
  • Crate crunch--5 minutes
  • Lunge right--1:40 (1:30 last time), then worked with my back knee down the rest of the time. The good thing about this one was that my HR was up around 130 the majority of the time.
  • Lunge left--1:30 (1:30 last time); pretty much mirrored the previous leg.
  • Hamstring--5 minutes
  • Wall squat--2 minutes (2:10 last time); the last :30, I really really really pushed to stay up because my legs were so shaky. But I did it!

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