Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Training Log; 3x30 sec heavy isos; 6 800m sprints

Well, I finally figured out how to get my heart rate up and run at max HR: Do sprints! I want to qualify for the Boston marathon at Music City this year (not necessarily to actually do Boston, just to know that I can run in 3:40), and this book that I'm reading ("Run Less, Run Faster" by Pierce, Murr, and Moss) says that if I can do sprints, a tempo run, and a 15-20 miler in a certain amount of time within a week, then I can probably run the marathon in 3:40. So today was sprints.

I could choose from a few options; I opted for the first one because it was first. The was six 800-m (0.5-mi) sprints in 3:23 with a 400-m jog between each sprint. I warmed up with a 1.5-mi run Here are my times: 3:15.86, 3:27,08, 3:24.25, 3:25.60, 3:30.26, and 3:31.02, and I ran them on approximately 6:25, which means that I took about the same amount of time to "jog" the 400 that I took to run the 800. My average time was 3:25, but there was obviously a huge spread between the fastest and slowest. On the first, I didn't really know what a good pace, would be, and then I slowed it down because I wanted to run the correct pace. My HR was around 160 for the first 3 and between 180-200 for the last 3. Yes, I was working very hard but still wasn't quite at the pace I wanted to be at.

The ISO workout for today was 3×30 seconds with the heaviest weight possible (with a 1-2 min break between each rep). Here's what I did:
  • Lunge right—heavy bar plus 10 lb on each side
  • Lunge left—heavy bar plus 10 lb on each side; I had to drop the bar for the last 20 seconds of the last rep
  • Glute ham raise—I still don't think I get this one, because I have no idea how I was supposed to do this with weight.
  • Hamstring—45-lb dumbbell (that seemed less awkward than the huge plate)
  • Wall squat—22.5-lb dumbbells (can maybe up the weight to 25-lb dumbbells if I can hold them)
  • Dip—I didn't use any weight, but I did all 3 reps for the entire 30 seconds each time--no using the crate for my foot!
  • Push up—35-lb plate; I don't know why my arms were so tired, but I managed 10 seconds on my feet for each one before I dropped to my knees.
  • Crate crunch—35-lb plate; I tried to up the weight to 45 lb, but my arms absolutely would not hold up the plate.
I felt really good doing these, and added more weight to most from the last time. That could be because I'm getting stronger, and it could be because I was super warm from my 8-miler!

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