Saturday, October 4, 2008

Training Log; 11.5 miles

11.5 mile run

I timed 10 miles and that was just over 1:24; the last 1.5 miles were a cool down. Average mile time was about 8:20, but I had a huge spread between fastest mile (7:42; #2) and slowest miles (8:33, #7, and 9:42, #10). Obviously I was about hitting my limit toward the end.

Breakfast of 3 scrambled eggs, a banana, and 16-20 oz water was around 7, and I left to run at 9:30. I stopped at a bubbler at mile 8.5 for a 6-oz drink, but that was it. I was pretty parched when I got home, but otherwise felt great while running; I didn't really miss having aid stations. I stretched, enjoyed my favorite chocolate/banana/almond/protein smoothie and drank some more water when I got home and felt tired but good.

I had so much to focus on that the time went really quickly. Lifting and lower my legs by using my muscles, pushing into the ground with the balls of my feet, and breathing with my nose, to name a few. Some day I hope to get that all down and just worry about running fast. Average heart rate was around 135-145. It would vary between 105 and 199. I hit 199 on the last two miles and actually felt my pulse to see if the HRM was working correctly. My heart was definitely beating fast, but I think it was just adding beats seemingly randomly, because every three or so beats would be super fast. Weird.

My calves were really sore, especially on downhills. Perhaps from the lunges yesterday?

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