Saturday, October 25, 2008

Training Log; 5-mi run; Zoot Ultra TT shoe review

5-mile loop from home (Moores to Franklin to Mallory Station to General George Patton to Moores)

I just wanted to try out my new shoes, so I wasn't out for a fast run, but I still ended with an 8-min/mile average (no HR monitor, no GPS for pace, so I was just running and then looked at my watch at the end).

The run itself was good, and the shoes are very nice. There's definitely a different in $40 shoes and $100 shoes. Unfortunately I can't buy $100 shoes every time, so I think I'll keep these nice for a while (like try to race in them next season).

The shoes have some good support and are made for multisport athletes. The tongue doesn't move, and the elastic Yanks laces are built in to the shoe. If you're partial to your own laces, or if you enjoy putting new laces into shoes, these might not be for you. But if you can get used to the yanks, knowing that you can tighten or loosen them as needed, and if you don't want to have to worry about the tongue getting folded over while you're putting on your shoes, these might be for you. The back is slightly higher than I'm used to, and although I could feel that as soon as I put them on, it didn't bother me at all while I was running. The higher back allows for a grippie on the back--your hand won't slip off it while you're putting the shoes on in haste. They are very comfortable, and I will definitely race in them. But by far the coolest feature is that the top half of "Zoot" is on the outside of the left shoe and the bottom half is on the outside of the right shoe; it's like a puzzle!

Well my run was good. For not trying to go fast, I was happy with 8-min miles. What I was not happy with was how my knee hurt after I was done. My left knee definitely hurt, on the outside, toward the bottom of my knee. I iced for a little but didn't have much time. The only thing I can think of is that this is caused by some of the hamstring exercises I've been doing. My hamstrings are getting stronger, and I know how to run correctly, but sometimes I go back to my old running style (more shuffling than actually lifting my legs with my hamstrings/glutes/hip flexors). So when I don't do it all right, maybe it causes pain? I don't know, just thoughts.... I'll have to see how it feels this coming week.

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