Friday, October 3, 2008

Training Log; mile repeats

Yesterday was supposed be a tough workout, taken from Bree, my favorite pro triathlete. She’s a pro and her season is still going, so I halved her workout to make it my own.

10–20-minute warm up
Four 1-mile repeats on 10:45 (in HR zone 3)
10–20-minute cool down

The warm up and cool down were about 16–20 minutes, and each was about 2 miles (I probably ended up with about 9 miles total).

For the mile repeats, I was supposed to have taken my fastest mile time, which right now is around 7:45, add 3 minutes to that, and then start a new repeat every 10:45.

During the uphill miles (1 and 3), I averaged 8:04; during the downhill miles (2 and 4), I averaged 7:54. There was a 15-second spread between my fastest mile (2) and my slowest mile (3). My average heart rate was around 125 (I try to run around 134–145). I don’t think my monitor wasn’t working correctly, but I also wasn’t running in Zone 3 (I forgot to write down that part of the workout; according to this Web site and this one, I was barely running in Zone 1!). I guess I should really be running faster than I am.

I was really trying to focus on lifting and lowering my legs. I found, however, that the more I focused on that, the less I focused on moving my legs quickly. I noticed last week that I really don’t feel like I’m running fluidly yet; I feel kind of awkward, like someone passing my on the street might ask what I was doing. So I’ve got to work on both lifting and lowering and quickness. I’ll know that if I plateau at a certain speed for whatever reason, it will likely be because I’m not moving my legs quick enough. I can definitely think about that while I’m doing the isometric extreme workouts (especially the “5 on” ones). Note to self: Go quicker!

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