Friday, October 10, 2008

Training Log; 5 miles

5-mile run + 1 mile cool down

mile 1: 7:46.20
mile 2: 7:40.40
mile 5: 7:34.21

I didn't time miles 3 and 4 because I was trying to walk off the shin splints that were threatening to slow me down. Fortunately I know what I was doing to bring them on, so I'll be working on that from now on (it doesn't work well to run downhill the same way I run uphill!. My legs are feeling fine now.

Miles 1 and 5 are the same route, just in reverse; 1 is out of the Landings and towards GG and mile 5 starts on GG and ends in the Landings. One of my goals is to do a 10K loop from home and back and do the last mile in under 7:55. It consists of a nearly half-mile hill and then ends in my neighborhood. Now I know I can do that mile in the time I want, and I also know I can run faster than I have been (7:55 averages). I think I even managed to average between 140 and 150 for HR, even though I was really trying to get it up during the last mile.

Mile 2 I had to stop right at the mile marker and get a rock out of my shoe. I probably could have done it closer to 7:30!

I was definitely focused on making my legs go faster, because I've been feeling like my legs have been working at capacity but my HR wasn't getting to where I wanted it to be. So I just decided that I can run faster. Obviously I can. Now I have to keep working on that and still doing everything right: lifting my legs with my hip flexors/quadriceps and lowering them with my glutes/hamstrings; breathing through my nose; moving my arms like I might be putting my hands into my pockets; pushing into the ground with the balls of my feet; and is there anything else? Oh, so many things to remember! But if I do it right while working out in the gym, I should be able to transfer those same movements and feeling onto the road.

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