Friday, October 3, 2008

Training Log; 3x30 sec heavy

Today wasn't necessarily an easy day, but it wasn't a high-mileage or long-time workout, either. I started with a 2-mile warm up and then proceeded to the isometric stretches: 3x30 seconds with the most weight possible and 30 deep breaths between sets. I didn't do them in the prescribed order; I'm not sure whether that matters or not. I guess I'd better ask. Besides that I had to ask for clarification on nearly every exercise, I think I did OK on this one.
  • Right leg lunge: heavy bar (last time, I used the light bar and had to drop the bar before the end of the third set). I had trouble stepping out far enough to get my shin parallel to the ground and therefore had to adjust my leg when I was down, but I was focused on stepping up high and down quickly.
  • Left leg lunge: heavy bar (light bar last time, also had to drop bar). Same thing with not stepping out far enough, but I managed the weight fine. Next time I'll have to add some weight to the bar.
  • Wall squat: 35-lb plate. This one seems to be the easiest for me, so I really have to focus on pulling down the whole time and pulling down quickly at the start of each interval. If I can hold 45 lbs in my arms, my legs can definitely handle that.
  • Scapular pull up: 25-lb, 35-lb, and 45-lb plate. My focus on this one was keeping my chest up and shoulders down; the bar was in front of a mirror, so I could really focus on that. Besides that my hands were starting not to be able to hold me, the 45 lbs was a manageable weight. Next time, I'll try starting with 45 lbs and go from there.
  • Push up: 35-lb plate. I really had to think about pulling down fast but right (forearms perpendicular to the ground, midsection up), and did these reps on my feet. 35 lbs was hard, but I could try 45 lbs next time.
  • Crate crunch: 35-lb plate, with arms holding weight at arms length with arms extended. For some reason, I felt like I was working my arms more than my abs, even though I was focused on squeezing the crate hard, shortening my abdomen, and crunching up.
I didn't feel like I'd worked hard after I had stretched a little until I got into the car. I was quite tired and my muscles were needing nourishment, so I got home and had some steak, salad, and veggies. Good times!

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