Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Training Log; 5 on through 40

I should have done the workout over again; I didn't make it to my max heart rate. Starting with lunges, I tried to get my heart rate up to max from the 20-second interval on. I managed to get to 125 at the 20-second interval on the left leg lunge, but everything up to and beyond that point was around 110. I wanted to do the lunges over again right then, but I also wanted to finish everything on my list (5 on, 5 off, 10 on, 5 off through 40 seconds):
  • lunge right
  • lunge left
  • one-leg squat right (half a lunge--I definitely felt this more in my quad than my hamstring, so I have to work on that)
  • one-leg squat left (I was pulling on my right knee way too much, so I have to focus on my hamstrings again!)
  • standing extreme hamstring
  • glute ham raise (I added this one in, and did it in the prone position on the ground with my ankles under a bar; this one felt like I was really working my hamstrings, pulling through the glutes and hamstrings, not the lower back. By about 30 seconds, I was starting to want to use my back and so really had to focus on hamstrings)
  • push up (Lisa joined me on this one, and so although I was slightly distracted for the remaining few, it was nice to have someone to talk to!)
  • curl (30-lb bar; I can up this to 40 lb or 50 lb for the 5-min exercises and probably up it to 40 lb if I can lift it up)
  • pull up (I didn't have time for this one)
  • dip (I didn't have time for this one either)
  • crate crunch
I tried to do the lunges again later, starting after a quick walk/slightly higher HR, just to see if I could get my HR up to max, but didn't succeed. We'll see what tomorrow holds.

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