Monday, October 20, 2008

Training Log; 10 6 3 EDI

Monday's are supposed to be my days off, nonnegotiable, but I didn't even put up a fight about working today. Will is home, and I had to take the opportunity to work out with him and his brother Zach.

Rode on the trainer for a half-hour warmup, then 10-6-3 EDIs. I have no idea what EDI stands for, but it means that I go for 10 seconds, do 10 reps (for lunge, for instance, it's just hard and fast up and down 10 times), go for 10 seconds, do 6 reps, go for 10 seconds, do 3 reps, and then am done.
  • Lunge right--3 sets; Will kept saying to move my pelvis forward, so I have to remember to work on that. Also, on this on and my left leg, I have a habit of A) not stepping straight out and B) turning my knee in, especially during the intervals. Basically I should not be turning my knee in at all. And I need to keep pulling down farther.
  • Lunge left--3 sets; same as above.
  • Glute ham raise--2 sets with reps to arm's length. Ideally, I should be able to pull myself up with my hamstrings and just boost myself slightly with my arms. I was not using my legs at all (at least I didn't feel like I was on the intervals, but I could feel it when I walked to the bubbler!), but I was also doing it wrong. My body should have been in a straight line the whole time: head up, core tight/belly button in, butt down, pulling with the hamstrings and glutes. I know that when I get tired on this one I tend to use my back (or start to until I realize it) and not my glutes so much. Doing it right will help me stay tight and in a line.
  • Wall squats--2 or 3 sets (I can't remember); each set, Will had to tell me to pull my legs in an inch or so. Make sure they're perpendicular to the ground!
  • Push up--2 sets, on my knees; I managed to push up the whole way the first set and failed during the second set, but I pushed up as far as I could. Remember: when up, arms should be perpendicular to the ground (i.e. move body closer to arms). Then, even though the majority of the work will be pushing up, I still have to pull down hard--I can't just let gravity pull/push me down. Keep working the whole time!
  • Curl--3 sets, 15-lb dumbbells; I prefer this one with a bar, but the only bar was a heavy one, and 30 lb is about my limit. Although I did this one on my own and had no mirror, I was focused on lengthening through the biceps, keeping my shoulders down but sternum elevated, and using my muscles to lower the weights. 15-lb dumbbells was definitely the max; the last few reps were really hard. I do wish I had had my HR monitor, though, because I know my heart rate was up; I was sweating after this one exercise that took about 5 minutes total!
  • Crate crunch--2 sets; this was harder than I thought it was going to be! I thought I was already crunched up as high as I could have been, but then for the reps I tried to crunch up even more every time and still squeeze the box as hard as I could.
I did the curls and crunches in the afternoon and everything else in the morning, but still feel like I worked hard...I can still feel that I worked my biceps hard!

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