Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Training Log; 5 on thru 60 isos

Some afternoons I don't feel like doing much. Today was one of them. The morning started off great, with 5 on, 5 off, through 60 seconds, which adds up to 6:30 with 55 seconds (5-sec increments) of rest, after a 30-min bike warm up.
  • Lunge right--I think I stayed off my back knee through at least 45 seconds. One thing Will was telling Zach the other day was to really push into the back foot, which will take weight off the knee that might be on the ground. So that's what I was focusing on even though my knee was down. Another thing he told me was to really make sure I pull through the hamstrings but keep my pelvis forward. Evidently, if I'm pulling correctly, my hips should come forward. So I'd better focus on pulling harder so that my hips go where they're supposed to. Also, I tend to lean forward slightly when I get tired, so I have to focus on keeping my torso erect.
  • Lunge left--I dropped my knee on the 45-sec interval, and the last 3 were just as hard.
  • Glute ham raise--I just had to pull hard the whole time. I have to remember to make sure my toes are straight down--not angled in like they were to start--and to pull hard the whole time.
  • Wall squats--For some reason, my back started hurting every time I stood up after about 30 seconds (I'm not sure on the time because Will was keeping track for me). That's likely because I was tensing as I was sitting; after Will suggested that, I tried to relax more and found that it didn't hurt as much when I stood up. The last 4 intervals were hard, and I probably hit the ground an average of one time per interval. This one was interesting. When Will said "up," I could actually push myself up, just so my shins stayed perpendicular to the ground. But even when I didn't think I could push up, I did. So I know I can. I have to remember that I can do it, not only on this one but on other ones. I wish I could have remembered when I was doing the curls later in the day.
  • Push up--Using the perfect pushup handles, I managed to do every interval but the last two without have to start back up at the top and pull down again. I definitely was feeling it afterward!
  • Curl--30-lb bar; I wasn't paying complete attention because I was talking with Lisa, so I'm not sure I did every interval. I do know that for the last 3 that I did, I absolutely could not lift the bar up and instead had to set it down for 5 seconds, pick it back up, and then start the next interval. Goal for next time: pay attention to the clock and be able to lift the bar the whole time.
A 30-min run on the elliptical at the Y and a 1-h walk at home finished out the day. It was gorgeous today!

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