Saturday, October 25, 2008

Training Log; 10 10 10 EDI

Normally I would work out alone or sometimes with Lisa, but she would usually do the same exercise as me at the same time. This last week I've been able to work out with Will and his brother; it has been nice to have someone else working hard at the same time and to have someone pushing me to work harder. Even though Will's mostly there for his brother, just my knowing someone might be watching what I'm doing makes me work as hard as I can and do it right every time.

Friday it was just Will and me, so we did manual holds, which I hadn't done before (they require someone to hold you down while you work). I knew it would be hard, but I hadn't expected it to be so hard!

I didn't really warm up like I had the other two days. No time to ride my bike, and we drove down there b/c of the rain. I definitely like a little warmup! Here was the workout:
  • Wall sit--drop fast into the deepest position possible for 10 seconds. Will was pushing on my shoulders while I was pushing up; he counted, I focused on working. As soon as he let go, I popped up to the (almost) top, and then up and down 10 times, fast up and fast down every time. At the 10th one, he would push me down again, and we'd repeat 10 10 10. It was hard, but probably the best one to start on, especially being cold. Two sets.
  • Glute ham raise--reps to arms length but no manual hold. This one frustrates me, because I'm not doing it right as hard as I try. Ideally, I should be squeezing my glutes hard while pulling through my hamstrings, not using my lower back at all. When it's done right, you should see the person's hips shudder when he starts working; Will couldn't tell for me, which tells me that I either wasn't squeezing hard enough or wasn't using my glutes (the latter means that I was using my lower back, which is highly likely). The first couple caused pain in my left leg behind my knee, but I must have readjusted or something because the rest didn't hurt. Two sets.
  • Lunge R, L, R, L--I lunged, Will held me down while I worked. This time was slightly better regarding my knee coming in when I lunged and on the reps, but when I got tired I would tend to turn it in (and lean forward). I honestly didn't think I would make it through the last set on my left leg. After the first 10, I could hardly push up against him; after the second 10, I could hardly stand up, much less push up and pop up fast 10 times. I did the last 10, but the last 1 was awful and he made me do it over again. Since I had stood up, I found it easier to go down and do the last one ("easier" being relative; my muscles were tired!). Two sets.
  • Curl--although I could use 30 lb, we only had a heavy bar or an unweighted bar, so we used the super light one. Start up, curl down, then he'd hold the bar at the bottom while I tried to pull up. I tried to pull as hard as I could, but he didn't even have to use both hands to keep it down! Goal for next time: make Will use both hands!
  • Push up--after I pulled down, he pushed and I tried to push up into him. Then I had to push up 10 times 3 as high as I could. When I started getting tired, I'd shrug my shoulders to try to help myself up; BAD!!! I pulled down for the first 10 seconds of the second set and didn't think I'd make it--my muscles were already tired, and I had 30 seconds of pushing and 30 reps to go! Those 30 reps were very small; I just had to make an effort to push up. I didn't think I'd be able to push up at all, but when I made an effort, I at least moved a little. Two sets, super hard.
  • Russian twist--seated with knees bent and feet flat on the ground (for balance), arms out in front with hands in fist and palms facing in; pull to the right, then snap back to the middle (fast); pull to the left, then snap back to the middle (fast); 3 times to each side. Six sets.
Then after work I hit the trainer because it had rained all day. 1 h at 100 cadence (85-99 HR); I wasn't necessarily sweating, but I was still working hard the whole time.

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