Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weekly Recap

Monday I ran 5 miles and walked 1 because it was beautiful outside. Not so much a rest day, but definitely fun. Plus I ran well and felt good.

Tuesday I rode my bike home from work and then joined the HBC crew for a couple miles. Any time I can get in 40 miles on a weekday is a good day.

Wednesday I rode my bike to work and then walked at lunch. We also had a team photo shoot.

Thursday I joined Catherine at Endeavor Performance for a testing session. I wasn't her first choice for competition, but I certainly made her work hard, and she make me work even harder! My 13:21 and 244W finish was very close to my best result yet, but it was definitely not an all-out effort. I'm not sure why that is. I definitely worked hard and never let up, but the feeling when I finished was nowhere CLOSE to the feeling I had back in March (when after the test I laid down on the floor for 5 minutes, curled up in a ball, because I had spent everything I had and didn't have the energy to even sit up). On the plus side, going in I felt like I was in the worst May shape ever, but obviously that isn't true.

Here are all my test results:

Date Test Number Completion Time Average Watts
May 16, 2013
TT #11
244 watts
March 5, 2013
TT #11a
TT #11b
227 watts
246 watts
February 23, 2013
TT #10a
TT #10b
(6 mi: 16:45)
238 watts
239 watts
January 10, 2013
TT #9b
223 watts
January 8, 2013
TT #9a
213 watts
March 29, 2012
TT #8b
220 watts
March 27, 2012
TT #8a
212 watts
January 26, 2012
TT #7
226 watts
January 24, 2012
TT #6
228 watts
May 4, 2011
TT #5
237 watts
March 3, 2011
TT #4b
202 watts
March 1, 2011
TT #4a
229 watts
January 6, 2011
TT #3b
185 watts
January 4, 2011
TT #3a
217 watts
March 25, 2010
TT #2
223 watts
January 28, 2010
TT #1
208 watts

Friday is Aunt Renee's annual Amber Nest party, which I will help serve at after a good ride/run. I finished reading the book Though My Eyes Friday morning. This is a great book. I never realized how big of a deal football is. It's a big deal. I enjoyed reading author Tim Tebow's recollections of his games and season through the end of his first year in the NFL. But what I enjoyed more was seeing how he does everything he does for the glory of God. Win, lose, or draw, God is there and He is in control.

I also got an early birthday present from my sisters:

It's huge. I threw the Sharpie in there for perspective.

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