Friday, March 8, 2013

Test Week Again

Tuesday's test did not go as I had hoped. On the plus side, I have tested pretty consistently for the last 3 years. However, I hoped for better success on Thursday and had a different plan.

Before Thursday's test, Todd said, "You need to learn to pace yourself." I know! He said that for the first half mile on Tuesday, I was at 300W. You can see by the results below that dropped quite a bit over the next 4.5 miles. Well, Thursday I did what he said. And, shocker, it worked. I took 3 minutes rather than my usual 3 seconds to ramp up and then basically used 3-minute intervals to pace. We looked at my stats after and you can see each 3-minute segment distinctly, so I was right on with that. However, we then looked at another person's stats and I noticed how much work I really have yet to do.

Pink = Kailin
Red and Green = Geoff' 

I'm not exactly sure what the lines are representing (I think two are cadence and watts, but I'm not sure what the third is), but it's obvious that one person is slightly more consistent than the other! I did, though, achieve my best results to date, improving my time by 11 seconds and my watts by 8. My average heart rate for this test was 190 bpm. And yes, that is correct. Yikes!

Date Test Number Completion Time Average Watts
March 5, 2013
TT #11a
TT #11b
227 watts
246 watts
February 23, 2013
TT #10a
TT #10b
(6 mi: 16:45)
238 watts
239 watts
January 10, 2013
TT #9b
223 watts
January 8, 2013
TT #9a
213 watts
March 29, 2012
TT #8b
220 watts
March 27, 2012
TT #8a
212 watts
January 26, 2012
TT #7
226 watts
January 24, 2012
TT #6
228 watts
May 4, 2011
TT #5
237 watts
March 3, 2011
TT #4b
202 watts
March 1, 2011
TT #4a
229 watts
January 6, 2011
TT #3b
185 watts
January 4, 2011
TT #3a
217 watts
March 25, 2010
TT #2
223 watts
January 28, 2010
TT #1
208 watts

Kiki and I headed to Inversion after. My other workouts this week have been 3- or 5-minute isos with one 20-minute TRUE elliptical and one 30-minute regular elliptical efforts thrown in for good measure.

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