Monday, March 18, 2013

Me: A to Z

I found the blog of one of my sister's good friends and stole this list from her. Totally random and for no reason, I decided to fill it out (and alter it slightly). Enjoy!
  • Age :: 29
  • Bike brand and name :: Blue RC4, named BB
    Tour of America's Dairyland,
    Race #7, Sheboygan
  • Chore you hate :: Paying bills and taking care of my car; I do them, I just wish someone would take care of them for me.
  • Diet soda :: Diet Mt. Dew Code Red is my fave. Diet Coke is a close second.
  • Essential start to your day :: Oatmeal pancakes and push ups
  • Favorite color :: Blue. See the B entry :-)
  • Gold or silver :: Silver
  • Height :: 5'6"
  • Instruments you play :: I play some piano and flute but by Nashville standards am mediocre at best. 
  • Job title :: Language Editor; Cyclist
    Kiki, me, Shelly, Cath, Huntsville #2
  • Kids :: 2 nephews, a 3rd niece/nephew on the way!
  • Live :: Nashville, TN
  • Marathons run :: At least 7, might be forgetting 1 or 2, adding at least 1 more this year
  • Nicknames :: KR, Kakes, Achie, Iron Horse (new yesterday), Kay-Free-Layaway (haven't heard that one in years)
  • Overnight hospital stays :: At age 6, I broke my jaw and assume I spent a day in the hospital. I remember some about the ordeal but not that part.
  • Perfect day :: A good workout, sunshine, a hike at PW, a ride with my girls, and a race, fueled by waffles and pizza

    Cath, me, Val, Kiki, Parri, Anna before the River Gorge RR
  • Quote :: "It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. He makes my feel like the feeet of deer and sets me on my high places." 2 Samuel 22:33–34, Psalm 18:32–33
  • Righty or lefty :: Ambidextrous; I write and throw right-handed, hit (softball) left-handed, and am pretty adept with both.
  • Siblings :: 2 sisters and 2 brothers-in-law; see K.
  • Time you wake up :: 4:44am
  • University attended :: Cedarville University
  • Vegetable you dislike :: None; I pretty much eat any veggie or fruit that's in season and on sale.
  • What motivates you to run :: Simply knowing that I can and have been given the ability; the feeling of accomplishment at the end
  • X-rays you've had :: Broken jaw (age 6, see O), broken pinkie fingers and thumbs
  • Yummy food :: Pizza, ice cream, and dark chocolate
  • Zoo animal favorite :: Hippopotamus, almost all the birds

Random pics of my team because they're awesome and some of my best friends!

Shelly and her girls, Huntsville #1

Kiki, Val, me, Shelly, Cath, Alison, Beth, Huntsville #2

Anna, Val, me, Cath, Shelly, Grant Park Crit

Parri, me, Cath, Kiki, Anna after River Gorge —-- TBAR Champions!

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