Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quick Weekend Review

Fellowship Bible Church has partnered with a few places in the city to give us a chance to donate food and clothes. I picked up the bags at church on Sunday and filled them to take back next Saturday or Sunday. I love giving!

Food to give

Clothes to give

Coupons to use toward giving
(My fave from this week's inserts)

I always buy two newspapers when I know there are Qs. Today I ran into Kroger because The Tennessean is only $1.50 there. I bought 2, left, and went home. When I opened it up later to read it, I realized that I'd bought last week's paper. Boo. But that wasn't the worst part: Someone had taken all the inserts out! So not only did I get the wrong paper, I got no inserts or coupons out of it. So I ran to Publix to get the right paper. Which actually had Qs in it. It was my fault for not checking the date, but I was still disappointed!

Mom's late birthday present...
it will be in the mail to her shortly

Sunday team ride: Hell of the South recon

Saturday team ride: practice, practice, practice!

Friday I worked out before work, got my work done, finished the extra project I was working on for a friend, went to Edwin Warner Park and hiked over to and around Percy Warner Park, and then walked at EWP with Anna for a total of 11 miles. Such a beautiful day! Anna and I headed back to her house for a little while to work on a little thing we got done. Love that girl!

Saturday morning I got up and joined my girls and T for our team ride. We rode a different course and worked on a few things. I wish I had HR data from it because it was an exhausting but super rewarding ride. I had to do some laundry and take a nap before church, where we taught our 5-year-olds about how Jesus healed the paralyzed man and how He wants to be our friend forever! Then I had (a super late for me) dinner with a new friend at a restaurant I'd never been to at The Factory. Also, that area of Franklin is being developed quite a bit--I could tell it had been a while since I'd been running through there because there were tons of new buildings.

Sunday morning we drove a few miles south to recon the Hell of the South road race course. This will be our first race of 2013, and I am looking forward to it. I came home, cleaned my bike (cassette and everything) and changed my front tire (I had a bulge in it through which I could see the tube; thank God it didn't burst while we were riding!) before I even considered showering. Priorities.

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Anonymous said...

I love all the "giving" pictures and ideas... such a great idea. I love doing random acts of kindness around our building at my work (I'm a teacher). So I send little notes, candies, or coffee to random teachers whenever I can. :)