Sunday, March 17, 2013


Easter box for my soldier

I also sent a box to my younger sister and my mom this week. I am grateful for the USPS this week! Monday was a rest day. After the time change this weekend, I needed it!

Quick Kroger trip

The MetRx bars ($1.99 originally, on closeout for $0.99) and Perfectly Simple bar (rang up as Zone Bar, $1 each) were free with Qs (Kroger home mailer - $2/2 MetRx MQ; catalina - $1/1 Simple bar), and the protein was on closeout plus I had a Q ($23.99 regularly, $11.99 sale price, $1/1 Pure Protein MQ = $10.99). That plus $1.38 tax = $12.35 total (savings of $16.62).

Monday was a rest day. Tuesday I did a morning workout and then rode at T's. This series is my favorite and least favorite all rolled into one. It is a strength series, so I can't really do all my other workouts, but it is the one that has the most benefit, by far, for my training. I can't simulate it outside, so I like the challenge. It hurts, though, as evidenced by my sprints (628 and 632, which should be much closer to 700). Wednesday I did a tempo ride on the trainer. Thursday it was back to T's for the same workout, but it felt better than it had on Tuesday. See, it's already making me stronger!

GMS Spring Play

Friday was amazing, and I met Kat at PW for a red-trail/candy-cane-trail 7-mile hike after a fun solo ride. Then it was off to Lauren's school for her spring play, Lagooned. Lauren did a great job, and it was fun to watch her perform.

Friday's ride

Saturday Val and I hit the road and enjoyed the sunshine. I had church later, and we had the biggest class, with 9 kids; that was our smallest class yet and quite fun and manageable.

Saturday's route with random mile and kilometer markers

Sunday we all (minus 2, it was amazing to have most of the team together!) rode another 50 miles, and it was a great team ride. Lots of hard work, lots of learning to communicate, and no one was super frustrated with others or super tired by the end. That is a good day's work and a good ride.

Sunday ride

I love my girls and was so happy to be able to spend a lot of time with them this weekend. I also got some stuff done around the house and finished a book. The only thing I should have done but didn't do was get my emissions tested. That is going high on my list for Monday!

I got some sun on Friday. Thank you, Garmin and Road ID, for helping with the tan lines. Of course, I still won't leave home without them!

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