Friday, May 31, 2013

30 Blessings for 30 Years

Being that this is my 30th year (thank the Lord!) on this earth, I decided to make a plan and do 30 things this year that would hopefully bless other people. I have been given so much – in fact, everything I have has been given to me by God – and I'd like to give some of what I've been given to people who need it. Here's my list of things to do, and anything I've accomplished is in italics. I'm adding and updating as I go:

  1. Adopt a US Solder– 1-03-13; USPS customer number for Military Kits: Call 800-610-8734, use number 3E89RM (they provide boxes, tape, and customs forms for free); Letter 1 sent 1-09-13. Sent two boxes so far -- one for his birthday, and one for Easter.
  2. Participate in a Girls on the Run event: – 1-04-13 signed up as a 5K Running Buddy, cost = $7.10. 4-08-13 ran a practice 5K with Kaiya, my runner. 5K race was May 4, 2013.
  3. Donate at least 30 t-shirts – 1-05-13 took a big bag of clothes and household goods, including 36 tees, to Goodwill.
    That's a lot of t-shirts!
  4. Help a friend put together a bike 1-05-13 Went over to my friend Jen's apt and helped her put together her new tri bike.
    Jen's happy Trek!
  5. Be aware of little needs. Gave a girl in the locker room my spare ponytail holder and showed her mom how to use the swimsuit spinner (2-03-13).
  6. Started cleaning up carts whenever I see them (2-01-13 to end).
  7. Let someone who needs it into our office building. One Saturday, I was at the office; a lady who had left her wallet in her office, and I had an entry badge. No one wants to be without his or her wallet for a weekend! (3-02-13)
  8. Gave food and clothes through church. I love giving! Everything I have has been given to me, so it is such a privilege and pleasure to give it to others. (3-16-13)
    Food...this bag will be even more full come
    delivery day because Publix has some
    good sales this week!

    Clothes...and I added more
    after I took the picture.
  9. Let someone use my Kroger card 1-15-13 I let the cashier scan my card for the lady in front of me. This might end up being #31+ because of a few reasons:
    1. Her purchase was more than I'll ever spend on groceries at Kroger. I get the $$ amount as fuel points, and I will use them.
    2. She saved only $8 off her $100+ bill with the Kroger card; it almost hurt me to see her save so little, but I guess that is better than nothing at all!
    3. I also let another lady use mine. She saved all of $0.07 or something like that. I don't know why people shop at Kroger without a Kroger card.
  10. Help someone at the Y with an exercise, injury prevention or healing, etc. without coming across as rude or arrogant 1-15-13 During my workout, I was listening to a couple guys talk to another about his IT band issues; he was using  the foam roller and that got their attention. I watched and listened for a while, and then I asked if I could (not as a doctor, physical therapist, or anything but as a 10-year uninjured triathlete) suggest a simple adjustment. He said yes, so I encouraged him to stand straight up, both feet on the ground, toes pointing forward. It's an easy adjustment, but it's one that takes thought. Since our bodies work best at 90*, if he can focus on standing and sitting straight during the day, the hips and knees will be much happier when he goes to the Y to lift or out to run in his marathon training. I hope it works, and sometime when I'm back at the DHY in the afternoon I'll see if I can find him (if I can remember what he looks like, and I didn't get his name) and ask him how it's going.
  11. Sweep the stairwell at my office building. This has been done once in the last 4 years, maybe, and desperately needs to be done again. – 3-19-13 I spent my lunch hour sweeping. It looks so much better, and I hope it stays that way!
  12. Do yard work for my aunt and uncle – 5-12-13, but that probably won't be the last time!
  13. Cut and donate my hair. I did this on 5-10-13, when I got 13 inches cut off and sent it to Locks of Love!
  14. Let someone borrow something that is important to me. The weekend of 5-26-13, I let Alicia L. borrow my car for the entire weekend. It was a little stressful but not too bad.
  15. Give something to the Contributer sellers. 6-12-13, on one of the first super hot days of the summer. I had cash, a bar, and a cold Pepsi, and the seller got all three!
  16. Leave diapers and wipes in a public bathroom – 1-04-13 paid $1.50 for wipes and $1 for diapers
  17. Hold the door for someone. I pretty much do this all the time and love it.
  18. Give L a gift, card, phone call, etc. I called her one day when I knew she didn't have school to take her out to lunch. Went to her play 3-15-13!
  19. Offer to babysit someone's kids (Cali, Catherine, Parri, someone from Pre-K, a new mom, etc.). Offered to Catherine the week of 3-03-13; she didn't need me then, so I'll offer again.
  20. On 9-02-13, I picked up a lady walking her bike on the side of the road and took her home. She had a flat, I had room, perfect match! Full story here.
  21. Help a friend move
  22. Donate blood (still deciding about this one; it about did me in last time, but it literally could save someone's life)
  23. Coupon for stuff to give to shelters or food pantries – at least $30 OOP
  24. Leave feminine hygiene products in a public bathroom (single-stall, preferably)
  25. Buy a Contributor and give the seller a meal
  26. Sponsor a child through World Vision
  27. Send T a S-bucks GC
  28. Take one day and pick up trash either at the pond, PW, or River Trail
  29. Fill a backpack with school supplies and give it to a local school
  30. Help someone whose car has broken down
  31. Recognize the good in others
  32. Come to the rescue of someone in need
  33. Tip generously
  34. Buy the stuff the neighbor kid is selling
  35. Make a new friend – someone who just moved
  36. Leave a bunch of pennies in a place for kids to find
  37. Invite a friend to spend the holidays with me
  38. Give a Publix GC to the cashier to give to someone in need
  39. Find a dirty car and leave a car wash GC
  40. Leave a RedBox code on the machine
  41. Leave gatorade or gu on the trails at PW or River Park. Maybe. Might seem like littering.
  42. Be willing (and offer) to take pictures for people

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