Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Chicken Enchilada Casserole and the family cookbook

For Christmas a couple years ago, my sister compiled and gave to all of us a cookbook with recipes we contributed. Someone at work mentioned enchiladas this week and I decided I wanted them, so I checked the cookbook and found a recipe from my uncle Ron. Saturday night I made them and remembered why I so rarely cook actual good dinners - it takes me forever! But I had time and wanted to eat, so I was patient and it was worth it!

Recipe from Uncle Ron

In typical Kailin fashion, I substituted where desired (or necessary), using more onions and peppers because I could, a combo of tomatoes and green chilis, good wheat flour, less broth, and more (and 4-cheese Mexican) cheese. Despite all that, the enchiladas tasted great and were worth waiting for.

Before all that, however, I had to get in a little run - 15 miles run to the tune of Groundhog Day and another 2 walked as a cooldown. Longest run since probably my last marathon (August 2009 unless you consider the Rock and Road marathon relay in 2012).

Sunday morning I spent a little time in the MFY pool, met up with my teammates before they rode, and then went on a long walk. It was too nice to be inside but not nice enough to ride outside, and my legs were tired, so walking was my compromise.

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