Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rock and Road Marathon Relay

Anna, Jen, me, and Sarah at the start line

Starting my leg, #2, an 8-mile trail run

Sarah, Jen, me, and Anna at the finish
This is all I have for today. Marathon relay in PW.

  • Leg 1 (8mi road): Jen
  • Leg 2 (8mi trail): Kailin
  • Leg 3 (5mi road): Anna
  • Leg 4 (5mi trail): Sarah
  • Overall time: 3:41:03
  • 1st place female team
It was a beautiful day, albeit a little chilly. The leaves were gorgeous, and I really enjoyed the run through the park.

Finishing my leg

Saturday night I was in the nursery with 13 4-year-olds and 2 parents who graciously agreed to help so we could let the 6 3-year-olds go into their own classroom (otherwise it would have been 19 kiddos and 3 adults--yikes!).

Sunday was church, a 550m swim, lots of work on the computer, and a nice long walk with Kat. Another amazing day.

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