Saturday, October 13, 2012

840 Fondo and Publix Trip

My mom sent me an m-dot shirt
for my Ironman spectating party :-)

Friday after a fantastic 7.2-mile TM run, I went to Publix for a quick trip. The only thing on sale was the Blistex, and I still saved 50% and met the requirement for a P&G rebate. Everything below was $34, including $31.27 in P&G products.

I had coupons for everything but the oats, chocolate milk, deli meat, and Blistex, but I had a $5/40 Q that covered the meat and Blistex. Successful trip!

Shelly, me, Jens Voigt, Cali, Parri (back row)
Kiki, Valerie, Lee, Shannon (front row)

Saturday I rode a GREAT ride with some Team Belladium teammates, a few RadioShack Nissan Trek pros, and about 1,000 other people. Here is the route, which took me about 4:20 at an average 18.1 mph (that is including a 10-mile rollout at 13 mph). My legs HURT from about 30 miles until the end, but I just always found wheels and forced myself to stay with them. I knew riding solo would hurt much more than riding a little faster with other people, so I stayed with others. I was starving at the end, and thankfully there was some good food to consume (and plenty of it)

Saturday's 840 Fondo ride

Now I am listening to and watching (via Twitter) the pros finish the Ironman World Championship race (which I've been at the last two years and will definitely attend again (by definitely I mean Lord willing)!

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