Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Box

My mom sent me a box for Valentine's day. It had lots of little gifts in it that I had fun opening.

What could be in all those packages?

When I opened it, a few things fell out, the lighted heart being one of them. Since it was lighting up just laying on the floor, I had to open it up first to see what it was. Super fun. Then I opened all the rest, and there was some fun little things in there that I will enjoy.

Everything opened...tasty and fun gifts!

Friday afternoon Kat and I met at PWP for a hike on the red trail. It was beautiful for February and I hadn't spent time with her in a while, so it was super fun.

Saturday morning I headed to the CSY at a time when I thought the movie in the cardio theater would be restarting. I was about 10 minutes early but started on a tready on the wellness floor until one of the workers came and got me to tell me they were restarting Million Dollar Baby. 2 hours, 14 miles, and a chat with Lisa S later, my work there was done. Well, except for a sufficient amount of stretching and rolling. Church with the kiddos was great and we had fewer than last week, but the energy level of pretty much all the kids was super high. I also ended up doing another 6 miles on the TRUE elliptical machine, so I finished with 20 miles for the day.

Sunday morning I happily slept in before the busiest 9:30 service, and later a big group of us went riding. Amanda, Anna, Cali, Kat, Kiki, Parri, Shannon, Valerie, Shawn, Jeremy, Matt, Billy, and I got in 37 cold miles, but thankfully the sun was out for part of the time and we didn't freeze too bad.

Sunday's route - hilly and windy!

Currently I'm sitting here blogging and listening to and watching five 13- and 14-year-olds practice some dance routines for my cousin's birthday celebration. Oh to be a kid again with no school tomorrow!

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