Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sunday Rainy Ride

Saturday I got so much stuff done. It was fantastic. I rearranged everything in my living room, including my bookshelves, so I could have a place for all my stuff and the bike rack I put up. Instead of running, I took a super long nap, and although I met Valerie and Catherine in the parking lot, I decided to not ride and instead also sorted through all my papers and such, clearing my desk and kitchen table. At church, Brooks and I had 17 little pre-K kids in our Sunday School class; thankfully Brooks' brother Max was also there and Amy sent in Susan and Mark to help us. With that many kids and that much energy, I couldn't have done it without all the help. Then I headed to Anna and Josh's for dinner and games. We had a blast playing Bezzerwizzer and gave Josh a run for his money when we were a team.

Kat, Kiki, me, Catherine, and AJ

We hit the road early Sunday to try to beat the rain. We didn't succeed, but that was mostly our fault. My plan was to do that first loop until we could tell the rain was coming and then head home. However, I was feeling good and so was Kat, so we decided to go a little farther from home. That meant that when the rain came, we got caught in it. The temps dropped quickly, but we made it home safely and not completely frozen.

Rainy Sunday ride

Later Sunday afternoon I met Aunt Renee, Uncle John, Bennett, and Lauren at Macaroni Grill to celebrate Lauren's birthday. Then I got to drive the Audi sports car. It was only about a 3-minute drive back to my place, but it is a fun little car and was a nice treat.

Early Monday run

Monday I got up early enough to do some quarter-mile sprints before work. It was mostly dry and in the mid-50s, so that meant I could go outside and to the CSY instead of inside at the BFY. Sweet! Then I headed inside to row for a while and that was that.

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