Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Already?

2013 USAC License - Woohoo!

I cannot believe it is already the end of the first full week of February. Weeks and months definitely go by faster and faster. This week I spent a little time riding my bike at Todd's (a couple good, hard workouts), ran a few miles outside, walked a bunch (it's been beautiful!), spent an afternoon with Anna S, got some free breakfast from Bruegger's Bagels, worked a bunch, wrote some blogs for work, wrote a couple press releases, and more. Add in sleep, eating, and driving and you have my week.

Monday's workouts and run were good. I ran from the BFY up Knox Valley for 1 mile and turned around to run down. And yes, it really is up and down. With the wind blowing at me on the way out and pushing me on the way back, I did mile 1 in 8:28 and mile 2 in 7:41. Some day I'll do multiple repeats of the same just for fun. The workout after this hurt a little bit!

Tuesday I rode at T's in the afternoon, after a good workout in the morning. It was very similar to last week's workouts except that a few minutes were added to each interval (so we were doing 25 instead of 20). Threshold: 230 W. Sprint at the end: 701 W. Average HR for the first 56 minutes of the workout: 168 bpm.

Wednesday morning I did some 30-second sprints on the TRUE elliptical machine. Short as they were, I worked hard and they were a challenge. But I like that machine because I can get in at least a mile more than if I were on a traditional elliptical. Then I met Anna at Edwin Warner and we walked a good 5 miles on the paved paths around there and Ensworth. It started out perfect but ended up quite chilly. It took me a good 45 minutes to warm up.

Thursday morning I did my workout at home before stopping for free breakfast. Thursday afternoon before Inversion I stuck my bike on Todd's CompuTrainer again for the same workout as Tuesday. Only this one felt easier. I must be stronger than I was on Tuesday! It consisted of a 10-minute sub-threshold interval and two 25-minute tempo intervals. Plus a few other little things in there to break up any potential monotony. Threshold: 230 W. Sprint at the end: 726 W (my best yet). Average HR for the first 56 minutes of the workout: 166 bpm.

Publix is typically my grocery store of choice (here are a few shopping trips), but sometimes Kroger has great deals (example, example) and even better coupons. They sent me all of these in the mail, and I was pretty happy :-)

Free peanut butter and free $$ of bars and
peanut butter and produce. It was a good mail day!

And more $$ of Qs! I expect to save
lots of money this weekend!

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