Monday, December 10, 2012

Publix Veggies

This was a quick shop, but it was a good one. Today and tomorrow are good days to buy veggies at Publix.

Item (Quantity)  
Regular Price 
Sale Price  
Final Price  
Green Giant
boxed vegs (10)
5 x $0.50/2 MQ
Green Giant
bagged vegs (3)
3 x $0.50/1 MQ
Publix milk1.49----$1.49
Totals: 14 items$30.36$15.83$8 in MQs+$0.89 tax
$8.81 total
(saved $21.55,
or 71%)

I obviously didn't need much, but I got what I needed for a pretty good price. And although frozen veggies aren't nearly as good as fresh ones, I got a lot of variety that I wouldn't get if I bought fresh ones.

Both of today's workouts were good. Lots of altitude drops mixed in with 3-minute isos. Getting stronger and faster!

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