Friday, May 31, 2013

Birthday Club

The week of my birthday is usually a lot of fun for me. I get to eat out at restaurants mostly every day, and I usually eat for free. Plus I try to spend some time on my bike and with my girls. This week is no different.

Krispy Kreme bday breakfast

Here are all the places I can eat at and what I got as a part of their birthday clubs. Krispy Kreme took the cake from this entire list. Not only did they give me a birthday balloon, they also ALL, through the drive-thru window, wished me happy birthday and even started singing. Then someone gave me a donut hole and said it was a little birthday cake. Happy morning!

Of the places I've visited so far, Krispy Kreme is #1 and Moe's is #2 because the cashier there also wished me happy birthday. No one at Jason's or Breugger's acknowledged it, even though it's printed right on there. The YMCA also gets props, because someone from there always wishes me happy birthday when they scan my card on my birthday.

(Not) Used
Jason's Deli$5 off any purchaseUsed
Breugger's BagelsFree bagel + cream cheese w/purchase of drinkUsed
Moe's Southwest Grill Free entrée w/purchase of drinkUsed
Arby'sFree 12-oz shake w/any purchaseNot used
Baskin RobbinsFree 2.5-oz scoop or 3-oz soft swerve swirlGoing today
Backyard BurgersFree cobbler w/purchase of any comboNot used
Which WichFree regular 'wichNot used
Baja FreshFree classic burrito /purchase of large drinkNot used
Krispy KremeFree donut and beverageUsed
Genghis GrillFree birthday bowlNot used
Lone Star SteakhouseFree appetizer w/purchase of entréeNot used
Panera BreadFree pastryNot used yet
Cozymel'sHalf-price fajitas for me + three friendsNot used
Smoothie KingBOGO 20-oz smoothieNot used
Coldstone CreameryBOGO CreationNot used
McAlister's Deli$5 off any purchaseGoing today
Firehouse SubsFree medium sub on your birthday w/IDGoing today
Wendy's$1 off any premium comboNot used
SonicFree medium tots, 14-oz CreamSlush, or medium soft drinkNot used yet
Culver'sFree 1-scoop sundaeNot used yet
Orange JuliusBOGO smoothieNot used
Kellogg's Family Rewards100-point codeUsed

Wednesday we had a crit race and then went to Rosepepper Cantina for dinner. Since Monday was a holiday, I racing, many of these are valid only in this area, many expire within a week of my birthday, and I am about to start a vacation, I won't be able to use all of these. But I am using as many as I can!

Friday sunrise

This morning's workout was with the sunrise: 30 push ups on feet, 30 lunges each leg, 30 squats, 30 side lunges, 30 pullups (assisted), 30 crunches, 30 curls, 30 dips, 30 shoulder presses, 30 lat pull downs, 30 hip abductor, 30 hip adductor, 30 jumping jacks and 121 push ups on knees (to complete 151 total push ups, since it's the 151st day of the year). Sensing a theme here? One dream workout includes a 30-mile run as well, but since we're racing this weekend, that's just not practical :-)

2012 birthday crit
2011 birthday ride
2010 dream birthday training day
2009 birthday workout

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