Sunday, June 9, 2013

Florida 2013

Here are some pics from my recent vacation to Florida with the family.

Birthday cake. The candle sang!

Sisters' families; more family
me with Isaiah; Isaiah and Caleb
me with Isaiah; 3 generations: Caleb, Gramps, and Dad

Amazing Race game pieces, Belladium football, Rummikub, and Shuffleboard

Rays stadium inside and out, Tropical Storm Andrea note, alligators

I ran a lot (44 miles over the first 10 days of the month) and worked out a couple times. Otherwise, we chilled, sat at the pool and ocean, walked a lot, went to a Rays game, went to an Alligator Attraction in Madeira Beach (I've been to that beach before in 2009; race results here), had a little birthday party (Amazing-Race themed, planned by my sister, where I had a bunch of challenges), ate at Big Olaf Ice Cream, ate at The Salty Dog, went to Kohl's, ate a lot, and basically ate often.

Some of the challenges from my birthday were the following:

  • Dive for 30 pennies in 30 seconds
    • My mom threw in the entire bag and I got them in about 3 seconds :-)
  • Carry both nephews for a quarter mile in less than 3 minutes
    • This turned into treading water with Caleb for 1 minute because Isaiah was gone
  • Do 30 pushups in 30 seconds or less
    • Attempt 1: 29 push ups because my dad asked me a question in the middle
    • Attempt 2: 33 push ups
  • Do a backwards triathlon (optional haha!)
  • Score exactly 30 in one round of shuffleboard -- either 3x10 or 2x8+2x7
    • Dad and I played a game, and I could never get closer than 2x8+7 or 2x7+8
    • I used all 16 and did a rolling 4 -- still couldn't accomplish this
    • Finally used all 16, in any order, and accomplished it -- after a lunch break!
  • Walk with Aunt Judy (and accomplish a few subtle things)
  • Draw an updated phone for Uncle Ed and Aunt Lucy
  • Beat Gramps in a game of Rummikub
  • Get these phrases from their respective common speaker without using key words (like Taboo)
    • Mom: Someone can help you with that!
    • Jean: Waiting for Guffman
    • Mike: Turkey hunting
    • Lucy: Shark! There's a shark in the water!

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