Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Push Up Count (and finally, a long-for-me swim!)

After the three days of the Tour of America's Dairyland that I did, I needed a rest day, so Sunday was it. It helped that I was driving all day and didn't have time to ride or run! On Monday, I'd hoped and planned to swim, but with rain threatening and chances of lightning, I couldn't get in the pool when I wanted to, so instead I spent some time on the elliptical at my apartment complex's workout room (all the while wishing we had a step mill there and then wondering why I didn't go to the Y where I knew there'd be at least one).

Tuesday early morning I got on the bike for an early morning recovery ride. I'd hoped to ride a little harder than I did, but I needed the slow-ish spinout and just a little bit of time enjoying riding. Here's my route:

Tuesday morning east/west ride
Although I didn't ride them, I found a few new roads that I will be trying out...love me some adventures on the bike! Tuesday afternoon I got in the pool at MFY and swam a GREAT 1600m. That tripled my average monthly "mileage" and it was pretty slow (~2:09/100m; 34:24 total)), but it was longer than I've swam in a long time and I really didn't get tired during the swim at all. I'm contributing that to the push up challenge I started with Will and Iron Will Sports and Fitness at the beginning of this year: On January 1, I did 1 push up; on January 2 I did 2 push ups, on January 31 I did 31 pushups, on February 1 I did 32 push ups, and so on through the year. Except that I made it to June 15** before I simply couldn't continue adding 1 push up per day while riding my bike well -- my arms were getting more and more tired every day (stronger, yes, but tired as well), and I wasn't able to use all my strength to hold my handlebars while climbing because they were achy/sore/tired-tired-tired. So my plan to continue for the year is to go by month: On July 1, I'll restart at #1 and continue through #31, and then I'll restart on August 1. Thirty-one is still quite a challenge, so it's not easy!

Also I've finished a few more books on my reading list, but I still have a few to go to complete 2013's list. Of course, I keep adding to it, but there's nothing wrong with that! I recently finished The Winner's Brain, Firehouse, and The Penny; I recently added How to Be a Best Friend Forever and How to Get a Date Worth Keeping (both sound like fun books, huh? :-)

** June 15, although day #167, was my day 165; I didn't check a calendar every day to see what day of the year it was; instead, I went by months and date in that month. So June 15 would have been 5 x 30 + 15 =  165 even though it was really day #166. In total through June 15, given that I skipped a couple, I completed 13,208 push ups (some military style, some girl style, some wall push ups, some railing push ups, but all push ups). Had I completed all 166 days' worth and not skipped any days, it would have been 13,861 pushups ([166 x 167] / 2).

What are you currently reading?

What's on your 2013 reading list?

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