Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tour of America's Dairyland I: Shorewood

This is the first year I've been able to do the 1st of 11 races in the Tour of America's Dairyland: The Shorewood Criterium. It was a fast and busy crit, with 60 women on the start line. There were a few attacks by single riders, but not much action from the teams besides chasing the attackers, so we were all together for much of the race. The announcer called 4 primes in a row, with 8 laps to go, and on the 4th and final one I just could not stay on with the field. I rode two laps mostly solo but passed 3 girls during that time, and then I was pulled with 2 laps to go for a slightly shortened race. It was fun to watch the finish, but I would much rather have been in there with them!

Shorewood course, counterclockwise

Shorewood (6-20-13) stats: 52:14, 20.74 miles, 23.8 mph, 183 bpm, 52/59 P/1/2

Random pictures for the day:

My rental car, a Chevy Captiva

Part of my drive; it wouldn't be a drive up north without a few tolls

Chi-town! And traffic...of course!

2012 ToAD posts:

East Troy (6-22-12) stats: 36:38, 14.4 miles, 23.6 mph, 17/33
Grafton (6-23-12) stats: 42:22, 16.55 miles, 23.4 mph, 7/54
Waukesha (6-24-12) stats: 39:39, 15.05 miles, 22.8 mph, 182 bpm, 12/34
Greenbush (6-25-15) stats: 59:41, 20.01 miles, 20.1 mph, 164 bpm, 2/43
Schlitz Park (6-26-12) stats: 40:32, 13.87 miles, 20.5 mph, 177 bpm, 7/39
Fond du Lac (6-27-12) stats: 1:00:20, 21.3 miles, 21.3 mph, 166 bpm, 4/39
Sheboygan (6-28-12) stats: 36:48, 14.31 miles, 23.3 mph, 184 bpm, 1/37

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