Wednesday, June 19, 2013 Crit #4

Tuesday's ride
My plan on Tuesday was first to ride easy with the Tuesday night Healthways/Cool Springs crew. But while warming up, I decided I'd rather ride easy solo, recovery style, and just enjoy the night. I was doing pretty well until mile 9, when someone passed me wearing a kit I didn't recognize and then slowing down. I figured he'd passed me while doing an interval, and I kept waiting for him to begin another because I was staying with and catching up to him. Eventually I just asked for a ride and introduced myself :-) Patrick was a non-local, hence the unrecognizable kit, but he was enjoying the roads and I rode with him the rest of my way back to my car. We rode mostly easy, so it felt like a mostly recovery ride.

Wednesday we started hot and stayed hot. AJ, Cath, Cali, and I were attacking often, and eventually AJ, Jes, Katie, Cali, and I ended up in a break that stayed away. And we lapped the field with about 3 laps to go. Cali and I led out as much as we could, and AJ took the sprint finish for 1st place. I finished 5th, Cali was 4th, and Cath was 6th. Not quite as dominant as last week but still definitely fun!

Race #4, 6-19-13: 29:48, 11.89 miles, 23.9 mph, 186 bpm, 5/19 and 3/4 Cat 2s
Race #3, 6-12-13: 28:48, 10.73 miles, 22.3 mph, 189 bpm, 2/18 and 1/3 Cat 2s
Race #2, 5-29-13: 30:39, 11.31 miles, 22.1 mph, 2/18 and 2/4 Cat 2s
Race #1, 5-22-13: 35:36, 12.88 miles, 21.7 mph, 4/14 and 2/3 Cat 2s (incorrect time and mileage)

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