Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today's ride was a nice hot ride with Valerie this morning (2:14:21, 37.01 miles, 16.5 mph [32.4 max], 137 HR [180 max]). There were a lot of signs that we sprinted for (short sprints until the last one on Wilson Pike, which we both knew was coming), and the short little wake-ups and shake-outs felt really good. I was feeling yesterday's race, but it was a good feeling. I got to ride on a couple roads (or parts of roads) I'd never been on before, so that was fun. I definitely enjoyed the ride.

Then I got to play softball! I’ve played only one game so far this season, and this will probably be my last until fall ball starts. I don’t mind not being able to play all the games, though, since it means I am racing the other weekends. We ended the game in a tie, and I had 3 at-bats (and did not play in the field since I was basically a sub). All my hits went right where I wanted them to, but none of them went how I wanted them to—if I wanted it high, it went low; if I wanted a line drive, it was a pop-up. Bummer! But I did get to score one run, since we played a one-inning tiebreaker where the person who made the last out got to be on third base. I was that person, and I got hit in. Hooray! That put us in the lead, but we were the visiting team and the other team scored during their half of the inning, so the umpire called the game at a tie.

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