Sunday, July 31, 2011


The rain only slightly altered my plans this weekend, and somehow it seemed like I had even more time than I’d expected. Maybe I just made the most of the time I had. Friday I got up early and rode and then took Lauren and her friend Amy to the MFY pool. We met Valerie there and thoroughly enjoyed the slightly cooler and cloudy day. Later, after a quick supper with the fam, Lauren, Amy, Luke, and I headed to Fellowship for a Downhere concert. They are releasing a new album in a month, and they played a few songs from that album. They also played a few songs we all knew and could sing along with. Overall it was a great concert. They write some great songs with deep lyrics. Of the ones I heard and can remember, How Many Kings and Rediscover were my favorites.

Saturday the rain came, and instead of riding with in the morning, I ran a bunch of errands, did 5 minutes extreme slow (bench w/45lb, standing curl w/18lb, plate front delt w/5lb, GHR, and lunge), and took a nice long nap. It was wonderful. Then, after church, I headed out to celebrate Lisa’s birthday with another concert (The Kickstands, a band comprised mainly of cyclists—how appropriate) at her friends house. I met a couple new people and enjoyed the music and conversation and spent just enough time there.

Then, because we had been rained out Saturday, Valerie and I met for an early ride on Sunday morning. We did a route very similar to the one we’d done last Saturday but cut out the hill on North Berrys Chapel and added a mile. Surprisingly, though, we finished faster than last week. We must’ve gotten better over the week!

Stats: 53.91 miles, 3:07:06, 17.3 avg (46.3 max), 155 HR (186 max), 4382 feet total ascent (4370 feet total descent). Here’s a graph of heart race, distance, and elevation. This is something I recently realized my Garmin can show me, and I’ve been enjoying it. I also tried the Courses feature today, and if we’d have done the entire course, we’d have beaten our time from last week. Even though we didn’t do the exact same course, because we got back on course, it put us back on course and told me when we finished, “You win! Course complete.” Pretty exciting.

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