Wednesday, July 6, 2011

NC.Com Crit #7

Cat 4 women lined up

Today wasn't just the normal crit. Instead, it was ladies' night at the stadium! Todd first did a clinic with the women, and then Tim held a Women Cat 4–only 20-minute crit. It was wonderful seeing all those women out there. There were nearly for the clinic, and 24 of them stayed for the crit afterward.

Jonell and Lisa C ready to race

Anna all focused and ready

Look at all those women!

It was so much fun watching all the women race—it brought back good memories of my first crit. I was super proud of Anna S, who pushed aside her fear of cornering and finished 13th. Way to go, Anna!

Women 4 results

After the 4s raced, the rest of us got to race. There were 12 of us on the line, a fair number from each team: Lisa C and me from Team Belladium; Sandra, Jess, and Kathy from SVMIC; Marsha, Amanda, Alli, Emily, and Chrysa from Cumberland Transit; and Tina and Deidra from Spring City Cycling. My goal was to win, which meant I had to be super smart during the first 29 minutes and even smarter and stronger in the last 1. At the start of the last lap, Todd said, "You know what to do!" I nodded and smiled, and here's what I did:

Sprint finish

It turned out perfectly, with a win for Team Belladium! Thankfully I'd learned from Sunday's race.

Women 1-2-3-4 results

We hung around for quite a while after our race to chit-chat with the other women and to enjoy the evening of racing. Definitely a good night.

Lisa C, me, Lisa S, Jonell, and Kat post-race

The Women 1-2-3-4 podium—Marsha, Sandra, me, Jessica, Amanda, and her little one :-)

Stats from our race: 27:58, 10.05 miles, 21.6 mph (30.2 max), 179 HR (205 max)

*Lots of pics today! Half are ones I took, half are ones Parri took.

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