Sunday, July 3, 2011

NC.Com Crit #6

Sandra and me sprinting
Photo by James Weeks

I haven't been doing all the crits this summer, and it's been nice to not have those races to think about on top of all the other races we've been doing. Tim put on two this weekend; Shelly was the only one who raced on Saturday (and she won!), and then she, Lisa C, Valerie, Jonell, and I all raced together on Sunday. There were only 12 women in the field and 5 of us were Team Belladium women, so we definitely had numbers.

About 11 minutes into the 40-minute race, I attacked and took Sandra and Marsha with me. Because we're all from different teams, the field hesitated for a few seconds and we were gone. At times it seemed like they were making up ground on us, but eventually we got far enough ahead of them that we knew we were going to catch them. When we did, I was happy to have my teammates back and to try to keep the pace up. Unfortunately, I didn't play the finish quite right and ended up second, out-sprinted by Sandra. A Team B win two days in a row would've been wonderful, and I was slightly disappointed with myself that I hadn't done what Todd had said pre-race. If I had, the entire race would've played out differently and we might have come away with a win. I definitely need to learn how to be patient!

Olga, me, Sandra, Marsha, and Shelly
Photo by James Weeks

Later, instead of I heading to the pool like I'd planned, I met Anna S and her friend Janine to hike at Percy Warner Park. Definitely one of the most beautiful places around here!

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