Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Rides and Other Workouts

Friday I think I rode. Can't really remember the route right now, but I might come back later and edit this post.

Saturday, Val, Kat, and I got up early-ish to get in a long ride. We met at MFY, said hi to Anna and Todd who were just finishing their ride, and headed out. Here's the route we took, which we chose mainly because it's mostly shaded and lightly trafficked:

Stats: 53.00 miles, 3:16:30, 16.2 mph (45.2 max), 154 HR (186 max)
Climbing: According to my Garmin, we climbed 5,497 feet. I finally connected my Garmin to the computer and really like the stats it gives me! Someday soon I'll get a screen cap of it.

Then it was off to Farkas' for the afternoon. I wanted a rootbeer float and someone to enjoy it with, and Lauren was a willing subject. We also played a game with her friend, and I got a bit of sewing done. It was definitely a productive day.

Sunday, I got up in time for the first service at church and then went to the Y for 10×10sec: Lunge (with 3 RLs each leg), GHR with reps to the top, squat with stick, pull up, altitude drop curl, and crunch. Then of course I went out to the pool. But it was so hot I couldn't even stand being in the sun—instead, I found some shade and enjoyed my book. Later in the afternoon I went out for a short ride:

Stats: 18.43 miles, 1:05, 17 mph (48.1 max), 154 HR (182 max),
Climbing: 1,229 feet of ascending, 1,193 feet of descending

July 24, 2011. Lynnwood climb: 7:40, 1.17 miles, 9.1 mph, 173 HR
April 6, 2011. Lynnwood climb: 7:51, 1.16 mi, 8.9 avg, 173 HR
March 3, 2011. Lynnwood climb: 8:23

I knew this climb was faster than the previous, but I didn't know by how much—1 second would have been enough of an improvement. All I know is that I felt smoother, like I was climbing better, and happy. In fact, about 0.7 miles in, I saw a fence post and got the biggest grin on my fact. It might sound weird, but I saw all the sap coming out of a cut and purposed piece of wood and thought, God, even this tree-turned-fence post can't stop praising you! Just thanking God for being who He is gave me a little push forward.

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