Friday, November 7, 2008

Training Log; 1 hour

I have a hard time initiating spending time with the cousins, but every time I do I have a great time, so I don’t know why I don’t do it more often. Maybe it’s because I get busy, or maybe it’s because I think they’ll already have plans. But today I got to go out to eat and for ice cream with Lauren, and then we headed back to her house to play some games. I love it when she doesn’t want me to leave; she was sitting on my feet clinging to my legs begging me not to leave. I love my family!

Before I picked her up, I rode an hour on the bike. I had to get a ride in, and I’m rapidly losing daylight (even though I get home from work before 4:30, I maybe have half an hour before it’s dark); sunset today is 4:44!
  • 25-minute warm up (I had my HR monitor on, but I’ve learned not to trust it, so I was just trying to keep a cadence around 85-95 as a warm up)
  • Five 1-minute intervals with a 1-minute rest interval between each one (I stood up for each interval and still tried to keep my cadence high; this felt good, and hopefully it will translate to faster and stronger sprinting)
  • 10-minute easy
  • Five 1-minute intervals again with a 1-minute rest interval between each one (I still kept the same cadence and did work any less hard than I had during the previous intervals)
  • 5-minute cool down
While riding, I was also watching The Phantom of the Opera. Subtitles are my friend! However, I probably missed half of the experience because I couldn’t really hear the music that they were singing—I could just read the words. Oh, well. It’s a good movie!

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