Tuesday, November 18, 2008

3x30sec heavy, 5x30sec with lunge

Yesterday was day number 4 without any workout of any sort (besides 1 or 2 pull ups, I did nothing!). It felt wonderful not to have to worry about getting a ride, run, or swim in, and a weekend with friends was well-spent. But today I had to hit the gym again. Since I didn't do everything that was prescribed last week, I started week 2 over again. I didn't mind, though; weights are my favorite!
  • Scapular pull up: 25lb. Some guy named Tony let me use his wrist straps; I'm going to invest in a set. They made it so much easier! I actually used the bar where your arms are directly above your head, and my hands kept slipping off the "grips" (especially on the first 30 sec, before Tony stepped in). The weird thing is that I don't think that I could actually pull myself up from that hanging position. I'm not sure if that's normal or not.
  • Dip: no weight. I'm definitely getting better at this one; I'm really trying to do it right and make myself work the whole time. Hopefully I'm getting stronger!
  • Curl: 50-lb bar. I could hold the weight, but I could curl it up. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be able to...guess I'd better find out (I think I'll have a lot of questions at the end of today).
  • Crate crunch: 35-lb plate.
  • Standing ham: 40lb.
  • Lunge right and left: heavy bar + 20lb per side (+5 on each side since last time). Definitely getting better--I was way more balanced (the bar wasn't hitting the sides and back like it normally does) and I could actually stand up at the end of each interval without having to drop the bar. I still feel restricted in that little area, but I'd much rather have the safety net.
  • Wall squat: 25-lb dumbbells.

After that workout I went to work, where I sat in a meeting all day with a nonnative speaker who tried to tell me I don't know my language because he feels differently when he hears things (but when I go by "feeling" I'm wrong because it's not his way). Yeah, not fun meetings. In the middle of the day I asked for another workout so I could have some release in the afternoon. I was supposed to run but figured I wouldn't have time to get outside while it was still light (and I didn't because of a later meeting), so I wanted something else to do. I was supposed to do 10x30sec with lunges after each rep, but I cut it in half so I could be done at a fairly reasonable time.

I was told to do a lunge in the deepest position possible, followed by a Russian lunge (RL) after each rep. To do an RL, you're supposed to jump as high as possible from the lunge position and land back in the lunge position. Now, that made sense when going from a lunge, but when I got to the other exercises, I wondered whether I was supposed to do a lunge again or the same exercise just popping up and down from there. I determined that I would do 2 lunges (R then L) and decided that if it was wrong, at least I'd do every lunge right (so a couple times I had to redo the lunge to make sure I wasn't leaning or off balance in any way).

  • Lunge: 5 times, with 1 RL after each 30-sec interval; then repeat with the next leg after completing the full set.
  • Glute ham: 5 times, 2 RLs (right let, then left leg) after each interval.
  • Wall squat: 5 times, 2 RLs. This one was harder than I'd anticipated (not the lunges but the actual wall squat).
  • Push up: 5 times, push up all the way, 2 RLs (push up was to be done on knees; I never have trouble following that directive!).
  • Standing curl: 5 times, 2 RLs. I started with the heavy bar (in our weight room here) but had to switch to 15-lb dumbbells for the last 2 sets. I had already done this one with 50lb (my heaviest) this morning and just could not handle the 45-lb bar.

So I didn't run at all, but the workout felt great; just expending some energy in a quiet room that I had to myself to do my crazy exercises was nice!

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